The iPhone X Will Ship With a Brand-new Version of iOS 11

The iPhone X Will Ship With a Brand-new Version of iOS 11

The iPhone X will ship with a brand-new version of iOS 11 The new and amazing iPhone X has come with a brand new iOS that will leave in a jaw-dropping state all those who experience it, even if you are not into Apple products. This brand new iOS was officially introduced during WWDC 2017 by Tim Cook, Apple´s CEO, but it was only on September 19th that the Company made available the update for the users. As stated on the official Apple webpage, iOS 11 will be a big a big step for the iPad and a huge jump for the iPad. So, the fact is that the new iOS is here and is already available with all the novelties that aim to improve the user’s experience on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Here is a closer look at the new operating system.

Here are some of the new features that you will find with the new Apple Operating System.

  • It has a new design for the Control Center to integrate all the tools in just one screen, besides this, the Control Center can be personalized and it’s compatible with 3D Touch which makes available more control commands.
  • New features in the notifications. Now you will be able to slide your finger from bottom to top to see all the notifications in a single place on the locked screen.
  • Besides this, the Notification panel now will show you today´s notifications and if you slide up it will show you a screen with the notifications from other days. It´s necessary to slide from the inferior edge to close the notification panel and return to the home screen.
  • On the other hand, in the configurations, you will be able to select if you always want it to show the preview of the notifications, or just when it’s unblocked or maybe you don´t want them ever to show at all, offering you a better control of what’s shown on the screen
  • It has a keyboard to be used with one single hand. If you keep pressing the emoji key on the virtual keyboard and select one-hand writing, you will see how the keyboard will lean to one side, very similar to what the Android keyboards have offered so far.
  • iMessage on the cloud. iMessage will synchronize with iCloud to allow the conversations to be synchronized in all your devices (that means that if you erase a message on your iPhone it will also be erased on your iPad so be careful).

Besides, when you activate your new iPhone, all your conversations will be quickly rebuilt. And these were just a few of the improvements you will find on the iOS 11.

Other features include the new mode to avoid distractions while you are driving, AirPlay 2 that will allow you to reproduce music through different devices, a new design of the App Store, Apple Pay, optimization in the Camera and Photo features, and a new platform of augmented reality. All this between many (really many) more features you will find on your iOS 11.So, there you have it. It really looks promising and now it´s up to you to go through the new features and decide how amazing this really is.

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